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Re: [akelund_] What's the best bait?
akelund_ wrote:
I just wanna know what is the best bait to use for fishing bass and trout? Any suggestions?

For catching any species that strike lures, you can't go wrong with small ball head jigs and soft plastic lures, the reasons as follows:

1. a huge variety of lure shapes and actions that work
2. being able to fish a river or lake at a slow or medium retrieve
3. a few colors will do for all species
4. being able to search larger areas and depths with lures versus live bait
5. strike detection is better felt than for many lures, allowing you to set the hook faster

Jig head weight should range from 1/32 oz - 1/16 oz. Jig heads should be unpainted in order to not be a distraction from the lure or add to its length.

Here are a few:
Crappie Magnate

thin prong tail grub:

blunt tail:

Slider Worm:

Curl tail grub:

A 4 or 6 lb test fluorocarbon leader allows a good lure action and a light action rod helps cast long distance as well as a good hookset.
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