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Re: [Northman] Scofield. M.O.T.S.S.
Hahaha No lobbying on my part as I donít lobby. Folks who know me know I donít play reindeer games. Iíll speak my mind no yelling or screaming Iíll provide justifiable rationale. Plus Iíll do research and provide constructive feedback as an angler.

I do LISTEN and thatís an Art many donít have now a days. Itís their way and the past with same results even though the results will be the same. Thereís no closed meeting with DWR or DNR that I know of. Again as Iíve said, itís being involved and doing what one can. Itís providing justifiable rational and not whining Iím an angler not a biologist Iíll educa myself the best I can. Be patient grasshoppers good things will happen things take time. Get involved is my recommendation and thatís what I strive to do.

Go out catch fish and have fun with family and friends!!!Smile

Location: Lake Katchabigun

Once you know everything about anything its what you learn afterwards that counts.

Skunked, we never get skunked its the fish getting skunked as they just kept missing our lures.
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