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Re: [EyLayo] Antelope Island Buffalo hunt ??
Been studying this sort of data for a while now, both for the grass-fed beef we raised and game such as elk and deer. I found this on the internet. I edited it for conciseness. For an 1800 pound bull you can multiply the weights by a factor of 1.8.

Expected Meat Yield from a Bison Bull Carcass
By Gerald Hauer, Bison Production Specialist
We often get asked at the Bison Centre for information on how much meat one
can expect from a bison carcass. How much of each cut? How much is bone?
I have compiled a table of the expected meat yield from a bison bull. This
information is taken from research projects conducted at the Ag Canada
Lacombe Research Centre. The numbers will vary with the amount of finish on
the bison, the age of bull, and with the way that the carcass is cut up. Every
butcher or processor has his own way of cutting and wrapping so these numbers
are only a guideline.
Expected Yield from a Bison Bull Carcass
Live Weight 1000 lb. bison
% yield 56
carcass weight 560 lbs.
All cuts (except the ribs) are deboned.
weight in lbs.
waste fat 31.4
waste bone 105.8
strip-loin steak 21.3
tenderloin steak 9.0
prime rib steak or roast 23.5
top butt steak or roast 18.5
strip-loin tip roast 21.8
inside round roast 36.4
outside round roast 22.4
eye of round roast 9.5
chuck/cross rib roast (boneless) 64.4
trim burger/sausage 160.7
stew meat 20.2
ribs 14.6
Total 559.4

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