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Re: [Paulypro] Lure realism again not relevant
Can I assume your lure was a craw colored crankbait?

Funny though that so much has been made of crankbait colors while ignoring crankbait action. Almost none of all the lures sold over the last 80 years show any similarity to any prey that lives and moves. Many solid lure types swing side-to-side or waddle through the water. A short list would include billed crankbaits, the Chatterbait, most curved spoons, Helin's Flat Fish, topwater lures like the Spook and Jitterbug and many others. Even the Senko's action is unnatural: rocking tips as the lure drops horizontally.

Sure, one can say fish confuse a lure with live prey, but identifying it is another matter considering the simple fact that you can catch fish using unnatural colors (pink) and with lures that look and move unnaturally, the spinnerbait and Sweet Beaver perfect examples.

Humans have an imagination that fish don't.
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