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Re: [kingfisher82] Challenge to BFT: take more pictures
TyeDyeTwins was a prolific poster here of amazing talent as a fishing photographer. Mostly each one of them is of rare quality worthy of a magazine cover picture. I have greatly enjoyed his pictures which I present here. Enjoy:

I'm glad your post reminded me of that because now that I have switched from a mostly road only vehicle to one with superior off-road capabilities, I can go to all of those places and even more challenging though many also require hike in which is good because they lead to the most beautiful of places and my fitness is high, so I will enjoy hiking in and all of that increases preparedness.

I'm sure you can relate to the preparedness aspects because of your involvement with the Boy Scouts which I applaud though it seems most I meet among us are into fishing purely for the enjoyment. When I fish with others who are also into preparedness, I'm always happy to share preparedness skills development.

Ronald :)

Let's go fishing! I prefer to fish with others. I'm well equipped with plenty to share and have a vehicle with amazing off road capabilities to get us to even hard to reach fishing destinations. Let's team up! Private Message me to suggest I come to where you're fishing or plan a trip with me! Now that it's ice fishing season, let's become a team and enter tournaments! I'm also open to becoming a team member for the professional tournaments. I know I don't have the skills and experience of the professionals, but I would be a team asset by having the energy to work hard running around making holes and exploring for the best locations to set up. I have plenty of vacation time saved up to allow for tournaments in other states with plenty of time to scout and practice for the specific lake there. Also, surf fishing (a coast) is in my future.

be prepared, be very prepared

Don't become a Zombie in The Great Collapse!

I'm using my BFT profile as my personal dating website and posting my latest date invitations to single young BFT fisherladies with courage enough to put a worm on a hook. Is fishing just a guy thing (very few women participate in our fishing group)? But, in the future harsh times to come, BOTH parents will need to have traditional provider skills to raise their children to be among the survivors. Movie and Dinner Date Proposal: Luxury Seats: CAPTAIN MARVEL on Tuesday, March 12 -- accept and either meet me there at Jordan Commons or have me pick you up. Ice Fishing date proposal: Join me or a group of us for ice fishing fun!
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