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Lost Creek 1-12-2019 - Finally a good day!
Where: Lost Creek Reservoir
Fished the west side
When: 01-12-2019 8:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Fish Caught: ~23 total - all released.
Most were cutthroat in the 10" - 12" range, but we had more than a few 14", 15", 17", and even a 19". That one will bump my ice fish challenge trout. I yelled "SLOTBUSTER!" when that one came out of the hole, but ended up being up 3 inches too short. Fun fish.

We caught most on green glow paddle bugs tipped with worm, a white paddle bug tipped with with worm, and green glow tube jig.

Marked a lot of fish on the fish finder and had A LOT of bites. There was a lot of "fish on!" and then "fish off!" calls in the tent. Bites came from both a dead stick and on an active jigging rod.

Ice Condition: Solid Ice (5"). Started to get a little slushy on our way out.

Weather: Overcast at first then beautiful and sunny, ~15F - 25F, with little or no wind.

Lots of company on the ice. GREAT DAY and I had great company with my 15 YO son, and 10 YO son.

It felt good to have a great day at Lost Creek. The last few times I have been there I have been skunked or had a 1 fish day. Adding to the good fishing was the re-paved AND plowed road. The smooth ride was nice.

Fish are food, not friends!
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