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Re: [Boatloadakids] Lincoln Beach 1/10/18 The one that got away.
I went out there Sat evening and got a lesson. There were folks fishing the open water and getting an occaisional fish, but there was a guy and his wife and son on the ice and they were doing really well. I could tell about what they were doing and I had may ice gear so I set up just outside of them and got nothing. I was trying to leave them some space, but I couldn't find the right water depth.

After a few minutes the son left and the wife motioned for me to come over and use the hole her son had left. I fished there for 20 minutes, watching them catch 10 or 15 between them and I iced nothing. I had several light hits but couldn't hook up. Finally I hooked one and got it almost in and the jig pulled lose. I saw that it was barely hooked in the front of the lip and I realized that they were hitting my WB pieces, but not getting the hook in their mouthes. I cut my 1/2" baits by more than half and got 3 fish in 5 minutes. Then it slowed for me, but the couple just kept landing fish.

When they had enough to fill their cooler they also left, but just before they left the wife came over and showed me the fresh WB pieces they were using. She actually put one on my jig! I got a fish right away. Then I replaced the small chunk on my #8 egg hook above my jig with fresh piece and next I hooked 2 at once.

Then the couple left and she motioned for me to take their holes. She even brought me the rest of thier unused cut bait. Using their holes and smaller baits I got 20 more in half an hour. Their bait was fresh w/o skin and mine frozen w/skin, but the size seemed to be even more critical.

As soon as I had neough for a meal, I left "my" holes to a couple who had just got there and headed out deeper to try for a cat. I never made it that far because there was a pressure ridge and I could see water sloshing it the crack. I opted to call it a day.

It was fun, but I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun if not for the kindness I was shown.
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