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Re: [wiperhunter2] Fish Youíve Caught on Senko Baits
Very interesting, since all the different designs and ideas are working, maybe you are just fishing in places where the fish are biting

Lures for me are fish search-objects. Unless you find fish directly beneath the boat, the majority of time you cover water casting lures you hope will get hit and reveal higher concentrations of fish. Some angler primarily troll lures, but that has its limitations depending on the water trolled.

Believe it or not, there are certain lures that work far more often than many others on active and inactive fish. Inactive fish can be made to strike by annoying them with slow presentation finesse action lures. Some claim that slow presentations don't cover water fast enough, but if you're retrieving the wrong lure at the wrong speed, at the wrong depth, it won't matter how much water you cover.

Please believe that the pictures I post are true representations of fish caught - sometimes over 40 in one outing and occasionally over 100. The reason being that I found concentrations of fish in one or more parts of the lake using any of those lures. At times, those locations hold fish for a few days before moving on.

Color is NOT nearly as important as lure action-by-design. I can't stress lure action enough! The lures I sent you have uniquely different actions and they are all fish-finding actions that catch pretty much every fish species in the lakes you fish. In fact ONE chosen color will work all of the time for those lures. But Here are a few colors I have total confidence in and like casting:
pearl, green pumpkin with black flakes, translucent brown pumpkin with green flakes, lime or chartreuse (fluor), translucent chartreuse with black or gold flakes. Any one of those colors used in any of the lures I cast with high confidence WILL find and catch fish.

Asking what colors are best is like asking which of a dozen lure actions is best. Nice thing is you have an incredible number of choices of finesse lures and in just a few colors that always work based on lure action alone.

Mmany lure materials work including soft plastic, feather, leather or hair. But one thing to start the ball rolling when it comes to the appreciation of lure design: watch it in water while you flick the rod top and glide the bait or work it off bottom. Each has a unique action that stimulates a fish's curiosity and then ramps up its aggression level. I could care less why it strikes (hunger, feeding, territorialism, etc.) as long as it does!

Things to seriously consider on a cold winter's day and try yourself for the fun of it if not for the excitement of discovering something new that works.
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