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Snowmobile vs ATV with tracks for ice fishing?
The older I get, the harder it is walking to my ice-fishing-honey holes. I am considering either a snowmobile or an ATV with tracks. I have had the misfortune of getting stuck twice, in the slush, on a snowmobile (considering I have only fished from a snowmobile maybe 1/2 dozen dozens, twice is a pretty high percentage) and I want to do everything reasonable to avoid that experience again. In your opinion, does an ATV, with tracks, or the right snowmobile handle slush better? If you prefer a snowmobile, please tell me what I should look for (an actual brand and model is even better) that will handle me and a passenger? I don't want to buy new, but I don't want to compromise my safety either.

Also, I own a trailer that is 5 X10' and I would prefer to not have to get a different trailer.

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