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Re: [kentofnsl] Snowmobile vs ATV with tracks for ice fishing?
A 550 wide track 154x20x1.5 is the best machine and hereís my reasoning. Proven reliable engine and is fan air cooled. Anything over 550 is liquid cooled meaning it needs snow to pass through tunnel to cool engine. Many of times Iíve see folks ice fishing no snow have machines overheat. Wide long track is a must in deep snow and slush. As mentioned wider track and wider skis and throttle is your friend in those situations. Another thing is having reverse as if you do get stuck using reverse can get you out. Ice scratchers for hyfax another must again no snow you can burn up the hyfax. So ice scratchers.

So if I were looking at a machine and I am itís going to be a ski-doo Skandic 550F 154x20x1.5. With electric start along with pull start and reverse.

I donít need a machine for racing, climbing 90* inclines or climb a tree.

A 550 is the all around perfect snowmobile for ice fishing as I see it

Location: Lake Katchabigun

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