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Ice Fishing Jigs
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2019 Catfish Contest Gaardvark
Caught 3 today at Cutler. Didn't have my placard, but had an extra phone, so I put the logo up next to the fish. I'll be better prepared next time for sure. I doubt these are top 20 finishers, but they get me on the board at least and are my first for the year.
All were measured from the 2" mark up, so deduct 2 inches from where the tail ends.
All caught on sucker meat.

23 inches
24 inches
24.5 inches

I got 23.5, 24.5 and 24.5 that is assuming that you were seeing something that I didn't because I would have given you a half inch more on the bigger one... Let me know if I need to, it looked like you were at the 1.5" mark not the 2" mark to me... except on the last fish I scored... and my math isn't the best in my head so if I didn't subtract right let me know... nice outing.. J
image/jpeg 23.jpg (3.43 MB)
image/jpeg 24.jpg (3.91 MB)
image/jpeg 24.5.jpg (3.30 MB)
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