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Re: [fast_randy] 2019 Cat Contest Comments Post
I've caught most of mine on worms. Although I size them down and only use half a night crawler or less. I catch them on a garden worms (so I call them, I think they are angle worms) dug out of the garden, smaller than night crawlers, and catch them more often than with crawlers. I also use a smaller hook. I've caught them nymphing on my fly rod, with grasshoppers in the summer, and when a stonefly hatch is on, I've put a live one on the hook and caught them as well. I've caught them on wooly buggers during their spawn up at bear lake when they come near the shore. They can be extremely picky and not even touch a bait nearly tight under their nose. The best time to get them is during the spawn around the first part of June.
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