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Re: [catchinon] Weird bait
Not so much a weird bait as a funny situation. Years ago when I lived in Colorado I had a neighbor that was a fly fishing purist - very proud of his fishing skills if you know what I mean. Anyway he invited me to go out with him. We got to the river and we were catching a few but it was a bit slow. Then I caught a female that was super ripe. When I got her in she squirted eggs all over the place. I was like whahoo jackpot! Without letting my neighbor see what I was doing I put one egg on my little fly and sure enough instantly had a nice fish on (yeah it was legal where we were at although I am pretty sure he would not have approved). Well I proceeded to do this until my neighbor was about ready to start throwing things and wanted to leave. IDK maybe it wasn't very nice AngelicSly but I thought it was pretty funny.
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