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Weber River Whitefish Report
So, could not get excited about a lake run this weekend with the big front that moved in. Tried to talk Cookie into a run to the Weber River to catch some whitefish as we have not checked them off our Utah fishing Grandslam for 2019. She was less than enthused to go out in the rain, but I braved the weather and have this to report

Fished the Weber River in-between Coalville and Wanship on some of the fishermen access near Creamery lane in Hoytsville.. Took a small ultralight spin rig and my smaller creek flyrod.

With the spin rig I tried meps, bluefox, a couple small jigs and smaller Rapalas looking for the Browns that are normally pretty aggressive and abundant in this stretch. But, they had lockjaw on this trip.

Switched over to my fly rod and fished small nymph patterns in size 14 down to 20 (sowbug, beadheads, pheasant tail, and such) under a strike indicator. Picked up three whitefish before I called it to go get Cookie and run into town for a steak. I had too big of a strike indicator, needed my vest with my gear, just threw a few things in my pocket. Also needed my waders my litttle rubber boots were easier to walk in but hard for wading...

Twice while I was fishing the sun broke out and when it did some small midge hatches occurred. Ya, all my dry flies were in my vest at home, was not expecting to need them, but had I had them I would have added a few rising browns to the tally board.

River was running pretty clear and high but not crazy high. Very fishable. The runoff is still being held in rockport. Its a great strech to fish this time of the year. I might go back to work some more cobwebs out of my flycasting arm

Ya fishy-kraken came along but did not cause much mischief this time.

Here is the link to the video on youtube. I spent a little time getting some more cinematic shots that were fun

Yukon the cowboy-pirate, acting crew-chief of Adventures with Cookie and the Cowboy

REMEMBER: Keep the lid on the worms, always share your jerky, and wave when you see the pirate crew.
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