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Re: [jjannie] My garden pics: July 2019
All the blossoms I have on my green beans are at the bottom, so maybe the bees are not getting to them because of all the overgrown buttercup and zucchini leaves but yesterday I decided to pull up all my snow pea plants to make room for the beans, maybe that will help.
So how long did you have that grape vine in the ground before you noticed it was starting to grow? Good to hear the one at your son's house is growing good too.
We have that problem too with something eating some of our young plants, I've always believed it was grasshoppers that did that but it's usually not a problem when the plants get bigger.
Saw our first bloom on our cantaloupe plants today, sure hope they can produce something before it's too late.
We got the rain this morning, that they were predicting overnight, it came down pretty good for an hour or so but stopped right as we started out daily walk, it sure made for pleasant walking conditions.

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