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Re: [catchinon] Willard - bass away, cats will play
catchinon wrote:
Really? We all have opinions but some of us use more tact than others when expressing them.

Ok...You want me to be more specific?

My reasoning for it looking like a nightmare:
1) The rod holders--they are totally out of place for a right-handed caster and not great for a left-hander. Why? Because they are right in the road of any back cast...especially for a fly fisherman. Personally, I would have created rod holders out of gun racks used for ATVs and installed them so that the rods would lay horizontally on the left hand side of the pontoon.

2) The flag--not sure what the point of it is, but, again, it is directly behind the seat and, therefore, completely in the way of any kind of back cast for a right-handed or a left-handed cast. I would totally lose lures and tackle simply by catching them on the flag in the back cast without knowing it and breaking them off as I attempted to cast them forward.

3) All the PVC/frame--Part of the reason I have a one-man pontoon boat is for ease in its use and convenience. I have no idea if that PVC frame is always attached to the pontoon or if it is attached once you arrive at your destination. Either way, though, it looks like it would be difficult to either a) get set up and loaded once you are at your destination or b) lift and carry to the water. Personally, anything that takes me long to ready and get on the water is an inconvenience and hassle and, therefore, wastes fishing time. But, maybe I am wrong and it is easily launched and set up. So, a quick question...Do you haul that thing on a trailer or in the back of your truck ready to launch like a boat. Or, do you have to assemble all the parts once you arrive? Again, personally, and this is obviously my own personal subjective opinion, but I am not sure how that pontoon is better than a small fishing boat and wonder if the set up time and/or launch time would be quicker and easier in a small boat.

4) The oar locks/trolling motor--Again, my personal use of a pontoon boat is all about convenience and ease of use. I enjoy fishing from my pontoon boat on waters like Minersville and even Fish Lake. However, I like using the oars to "motor" myself around and enjoy the little bit of exercise those oars give me. It appears as though your PVC frame would make rowing from your craft very difficult. I am assuming (and could be very wrong) that your trolling motor makes the use of oars unnecessary. Personally, the use of a trolling motor is one more thing that would more than likely slow me down as it would have to be set up and installed on my toon as I got to the water. That would be one more thing that would shorten my time on the water. And, depending on the dependability of the motor and batteries, could be a potential major hassle. Also, the use of a trolling motor makes me wonder why not a small boat. One of the things I dislike about my own pontoon is that I have to wear waders during the early spring and later summer months in addition to the winter months. And, during the winter months, my feet get cold quick even with layers. So, if you are going to use a motor, why not get a small boat and use a trolling motor so that your feet don't get wet? You could certainly buy an inexpensive fishing boat for about the same cost as that is an example of one with a motor:

5) Weight? What is the weight capacity of your toon? Personally, I think I would be ok on that toon because I am relatively small, but even at a whopping 170 pounds all that extra gear would be pushing me to the limits of my own personal toon's weight capacity. That would be scary on a water like Fish Lake where the wind can get tricky.

With all that being said, I do see one positive about your set-up and something that I do like: the lights. Occasionally while fishing for wipers at Minersville and Newcastle, I will stay out after dark. Those lights could and would be handy.

So, after all of my long-windedness...again, I will reiterate that to each his own. But, personally, that thing looks more like a major hassle and nightmare than a fishing convenience. I certainly don't care whether the OP fishes from it or not, though, and know that the OP probably doesn't care what my opinion on it is either. Nevertheless, I am not sure why it is such a bad thing to state explicitly what my personal opinion is when others also stated personal opinions. I am a firm believer that this participation-trophy world we live in is far too easily offended and needs to toughen up a bit. My statement about the OP's pontoon boat is based on my own personal experiences as a fisherman and owner of a personal pontoon boat and were never aimed at attacking an individual, that individual's ability to catch fish, nor anything else that really matters. I love David A. Bednar's quote: "To be offended is a choice we make; it is not a condition inflicted or imposed upon us by someone or something else." IF the OP or anyone else was offended by my opinion, that is his/her choice...especially since my words were not aimed at offending nor should they have been taken that way.
The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
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