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Re: [FT487] Henry's
Fished Monday and Tuesday. Fishing was good caught probably around 50 between my dad and I. Unfortunately, nothing with any real size like previous years the biggest was around 3lbs. Most were around 16" to 18". Did catch one nice and colored up Brookie around 2.5 pounds. Probably would have caught more but we had trailer tire issues in Rexburg so we didn't start fishing until 1pm on Monday. Tuesday called it quite after 330 because of the wind. We fished State and the Cliffs on Monday and Tuesday fished County, Pintail and Hybrid Hole. Everything was random. Caught fish shallow and deep. I had the impression the big fish are still out deep but who knows. I never saw anyone catch anything with some real size although I'm sure some did. Thank you responding to my post. Good luck!
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