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Re: [fishskibum] Wunnerful Willard 10-16-19
"ya knows you can catch and release them big whipers
may help a bit with the shortages
and maybe take a little better photo then dead fish on crete with a quantification device
cause that brings me pain"

Wow. A first post from an elitist fly-flinger and all you got to offer is a suggestion for catch and release. Typical. And I might be more susceptible to your suggestions if you knew how to spell and use proper sentence structure. Not impressed.

It is patently clear you know less about wipers than fly fishing. That fish is likely in its last year of life and would probably die during the have most of the other fish in that year class. Secondly, there is no reason to NOT harvest wipers. They are sterile hybrids put in Willard for the sole purposes of controlling shad and providing anglers with a superb fishery. No argument for future propagation OR future angling potential.

I have caught and released hundreds of wipers in the past... even when they were more abundant. I have even caught a lot of them on flies...which I also tie myself...and build fly rods, etc.

You are welcome here but only if you post useful information and not pop in only to criticize others.

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