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Re: [RockyRaab] Wunnerful Willard 10-16-19
RockyRaab wrote:
I should probably not have dipped my oar in, but since I have, I'll make one last comment to fishskibum...

TubeDude has caught - and released - more fish than you have made false casts. I'd shut my yap and slink quietly away if I were you.

(Perish the thought.)
youre not me
never will be
I don't think you can really row I got ya pegged as
more of an oar dipper or a trolling motor kinda guy
and I did time in mo so your gonna need to show me this rowing you do
I don't quantify successful fishing as catching any more
its kinda like gittin laid
you do it enuffs and you don't need to count anymore
and its not insulting to suggest bemoaning the #ers of fish as you kill them
it is hypocritically humorous.
but ya know I do eat eyes
when I can git em to eat flies

"I find i have had my reward
in the doing of the thing"
-Buzz Holmstrom
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