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Re: [PBH] Down South
Upper being above the village of Beaver. Up the canyon heading towards Eagle Point ski resort.
It's a bolder pool river up there, lots of pocket water, lots of wood and lots of brush. Very hard fly fishing and to hard wading for this old man. Looked like great rainbow water though.

The lower would be below minersville reservoir heading down to minersville along route 21 to route 130 south. The lower is more of a brown trout water, slower, meandering through pastures with pools on the outside of corners and shallow riffles between some bog boulders (placed by the DWR) and logs for erosion control and habitat. Lots of sand and marl.

The lower is an irrigation river so during irrigation season I imagine it flows much faster than it is now, but at present levels it is very easy wading for us geezers and there are plenty of fish.

It was a sunny afteroon and there were small mayflies and midges hatching. The fish were all over them and once I got my size down to what was hatching I caught lots of fish. My first choice of a #18 purple haze looked like the Queen Mary floating next to the naturals. Finally down to a size 24 CDC BWO I was in the zone.

There are several public access points, WIA number needed. A couple of pavilions with picnic tables and the nicest galvanized fence crossing stairs I have ever seen.

I did not fish the Sevier. I looked at Kents lake and threw some spinners in Little Res but caught nothing there. The camping looks nice though.

The only pics I have are of the 2 that took the hook so deep they started to bleed before I could get the fly out. Never really had fish take a fly that deep before, maybe I was slow on the set. I try not to post dead fish pics, it offends some. Would you rather see them on the tailgate of the truck or on the broiler pan with lemon and pepper?
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