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Re: [Hank_Gilbertson] Popular Fall/Winter Bass Bait Tips/Hacks
The lures in the video wouldn't work under the ice but might work beforehand. As far as lures go, there are lures that work all 12 months and catch many species. Soft plastic lures and jig heads provoke more strikes than all other lure types combined when you take into consideration that they catch pan fish (crappie, sunfish, perch), sport fish (bass, pike, walleye) and rough fish (carp, catfish, sucker).

If a targeted species are on the large side, larger lures may do better, including those that cover a lot of water - IE trolling crankbaits, working spinnerbaits across shallow flats, 5" fluke plastics jerked.

Tips are many when it comes to soft plastic lures but the most important consideration is to use the right jig with the right hook size. Much of the time the lures used are presented horizontally and slowly worked at different depth. I work lures mid depth when the water is 6' or shallower unless a surface strike is going on. In order to maintain a slow retrieve to allow the lure to be watched longer by fish, a light jig head is necessary.

Some anglers use 1/64 oz jigs. I use 1/32 oz - 1/18 oz, unpainted ball head jigs with bronze hooks (not brass). Ebay is the cheapest source. Hook sizes range from #6 to 3/0 with #6 the smallest. I use a grub holder wire contraption to hold plastic up on the hook that I created. If anyone is interested, I share how to rig one.

There are many good soft plastic lures on the market - on being the Crappie Magnet split tail grub. I catches all species.

The Magnet and jig can be rigged on a Beetle Spin frame and do well:

Hair or feather jigs get bitten:

The above was made using hair from my dog.

You can cut 2" off the tail end of a plastic worm (minus the action part) or the front part of a Brush Hog to catch fish:

More times than not, I fuse the part of one lure to another using a candle. Here a claw off a bass lure was connected to a grub body:

A 6" Gary Y Kut Tail worm used with a 1/16 oz jig with #3/0 hook works fantastic when fish are shallow:/img]
It can be worked anywhere in the water column.

2.5 -3" tubes rigged on light jig heads even do well under the ice.

These are just a few of the thousands of lure ideas that catch fish all year round.
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