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I know most of our Know BOOYAA FISHING WEAR, and yes their all new shorts are hot off the production line and Mike Ramaro of Booyaa has been kind enough to put up a pair for testing, NEW BOOYAA BANAROO STEALTH SHORTS FOR TESTING!

These shorts are literally just in and no photo is available but you all know BOOYAA FISHING WEAR is the hard core wear for the hard core angler!

For specific questions on the new shorts, scroll down from the main page and visit the California boards, Booyaa is the moderator and he will be happy to answer any questions about the hot new short design!

Just a reminder here are the guidelines:
This is a new board where you get the chance to receive and test outdoor gear! Its free and all we ask is that you test it and report back within 45 days of receiving it. We've put this post together as a guideline to assist you in determining which items to apply for and what information you should provide:

1) Please only apply for products that you are in a position to test within the 45 day period.

2) Please include City, and State you live in (if you live in a region that is close to an area that provides better access to test the product that will be considered) or let us know if you have an upcoming trip you can test your product on.

3) Applications will be selected by, your reasons for wanting to test the product, ability to test the product, message board moderator recommendations, and in the case of a tie the person with the most seniority (most posts) will be chosen.

4) Each product post will accept applications for 7 days only, at which time a winner will be selected.

5) Winners should post their field reports (how the product worked) to the corresponding post for their product after testing.

6) There are no limits to the amount of items you can apply for but please do not apply for items you can not personally test.

7) Testers keep in mind the better your report (more detail, pictures, etc..) the more likely you will be chosen again in the future.

8) The administrators will select winners and will be considering moderator feedback so if you are in a good position and would really like to test a product, asking your board moderator for a recommendation can help.

9) Winners will be notified by "reply-post" so be sure your preferences are set to email you upon a reply to your post, if you need assistance in setting these preferences post here and we will reply with instructions. This will be the official post for questions and answers.

10) This is a new program so we must reserve the right to amend these rules if necessary to make things run smoother.


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Mike H
BFT Staff
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