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Re: [theangler] $2,000.00 BFT Profile Promotion!
I am in for both contests, they are worth a shot.Smile

Here are the bugs I have noticed:

If you go to view different forums or discussions, and you are not logged in, there is a problem in replying once you are logged in. This means that when you click on a thread, and login so that you can reply, you have to go back and click the thread again before you are allowed to reply. The firt time around, the word editor shows up, but does not allow you to type in anything-it is inactive.

Second, the "My Latest Pictures" and "My Videos" sections on the Profile page have no links. You cannot click on them either. So basically, there is no way to add anything to those sections. That means that we can't spice up our Profile page for the contest.

"Be Happy, and Go Fishing."

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