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Re: [theangler] $2,000.00 BFT Profile Promotion!
Some bugs so far...

(new bugs added 5/13/2008)

5/14/2008 New bug added.. see below..

I was able to get twice a "win32 exception" error. First time it funk'd out all my desktop and was flashing red in the background.. Nice bug, but I am working on the steps to duplicate. Only way out is to close down IE. Hopefully more to follow on this one. It could have been one of the video feeds that is in the advertisement layers on the side. as the same page would randomly (seemingly) freeze up resulting in an un-responsive IE. Haven't tried to dup in mozilla yet.

[/b][/b][/b]Update on above bug[/b]:
1.) I am able to duplicate it 100% now on my one computer, however, I can't duplicate on the second computer. Here is how to dup. Big Fish Fun> Kids corner. Once the applet loads for the lost kids, I wait 5 minutes exactly and the whole thing wigs out, my desktop, other windows all start flashing red. Then, when I click on a link on the browser, I get the win32 error and the browser crashes. I am running dual screen on this box both screens start flashing red. This same applet in Mozilla comes up as the top layer, so when you hover over the "Fishing Forums" link, the bottom of the links are hidden by the applet. In IE, it the applet flashes once the above link is hovered over. In short, that missing kids applet is causing some problems.. (edit.. Looks like it's been fixed! Applet is gonzo!)

Bugs are not listed in order of severity, just randomly as I found them. Haven't gone through much of the site. Most are not a high severity there is 1 404 page not found it's #3 below

2. [/b][/b][/b]advertise.htm[/b] page.. There are a couple words that are in the title headings of 2 sections that are black, they should be white. Looking at the source, it looks like they were meant to be hyperlinks, but they are only tagged with with no href. So, if they are supposed to be a link they are broken, otherwise the color needs to be changed to white to match the rest of the title lines. First one is "[/b][/b][/b]Retailer [/b]Showcase Ads" Second is the word "Rates" in "Specialty Targeted Fishing Ad Campaigns & [/b][/b][/b]Rates [/b]extremely targeted:"

3. When you bring up the individual "State" pages, the information for the "Fishing Reg and Licences" section appears to be the same static data for each state. always says the same thing. I know the rates might be right somewhere, but they are wrong for Utah and several other states I am sure.

4. [/b][/b][/b]bigfishfun.htm[/b] The "Click Here" link inside the "Free websites" box goes to "Page not found" 404

5. [/b][/b][/b]bigfishfun.htm [/b]The link for team bigfish goes to articles.

6. [/b][/b][/b]bigfishfun.htm [/b]the "Click Here" link inside the "Win Free Tackle" is in white, so it's not visible. Change color and hyperlink will be visible.

7. [/b][/b][/b][/b] has out-dated copyright information. it doesn't match the info on

8. [/b][/b][/b] [/b]when this page loads in IE, 1/4 the title of the individual sections are covered by the layer to the left. In Mozilla, it works fine.

9. In IE, all the hover/popup links for navigating the site "Flash" inbetween links, layer goes away and then is visible again. Should stay visible the whole time even when you mouse off a link.. Again, in Mozilla, it works fine.

10.) [/b][/b][/b]Fishing forums bug [/b]Once you are in the forums (anywhere) the dropdown layers for the main 7 links at the top of the page no longer show up (IE Only, works in Mozilla.) For example, if you were to hover over the "fishing forums" link, you no longer see the listing of States for the forums. Seems to work fine from all other parent links, just not the forums..

11.)[/b][/b][/b]bigfishfun.htm [/b]Link for "Wall of Fame" goes to old style, old format BFT. Has the normal links, but they aren't the Blue hover ones.. has the old backgrounds etc.. Once you are on this page, all the photo links all stay on the old style site. Seems like the other links all go back to the correct style

12.) I noticed that logging in can sometimes be finicky. I just tried to log in for the first time on a seperate computer using IE. I logged in fine, but the top boxes would still come up as wanting a log-in and password. Which also translated into not letting me post/reply on the forum. I finally got it so that I can log in on the middle section of the site.. and this one stuck. Will try and dup a little tomorrow @ work.

13.)Spell Checker. In firefox, when you click on check spelling, the buttons for "Post changes" and "Preview Changes" Stay active, they don't disable like in IE.

14.)Shopping>Apparel: Link is dead for "Bargain Outfitters"

15.)Shopping>Camping: Links are dead for both the "Bargain Outfitters" AND "Sportsmans Guide"

16.)Shopping>Fishing-Fresh "Sportsmans Guide" link is dead

17.) Shopping>Fishing-General "Sportsmans Guide" Link is dead. Looks like wherever there is a link for sportmans guide and bargain outfitters.. it's going to be dead. I will not report any more.

18.) Shopping>Footwear: Link to "Cloud Walkers" is dead. Also has link for bargain outfitters that's dead

19.)Throughout the shopping site links.. some of them link to a new window, others, will link to the current window. Should probably all be the same.. whichever way you decide to go.

20.)SHopping>Rod Building: Link for comes up with a generic page from

21.) You notice all the incorrect tags in the post above. I got it do to that while using the spell checker and switching back to edit mode. Somewhere along the line there.. it messed up the tags. I will see if I can get an exact steps to duplicate.
more to come...

22.) OK, this is a continuation of #21 above. The spell checker (if you have an incorrectly spelled word in the post) once it kicks in (spell checker) it removes all the styles from the post you are trying to spell check. With the bolds.. It will incorrectly tag the Bold text when you return to editing the post. If you have text that is colored something other than the default.. IE Red.. when you return to edit mode. The red text is gone and is replaced by the default black. Try it out.. you will see.. the styles don't stick once you go into the spell checker. and in some cases (as seen above) it can make a real mess. Bold, underline, italics, quote text color.. it messes them all up.

It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming. ~John Steinbeck
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