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Re: [EvilAsh] a Good drift on a small stream
what you describe is what Im talking about.. I was just trying to clarify what was being said.. and with your help I think it has been..

the dapping described by Brook sounds more like dipping to me.. I know that is not a ff'ing term but that is what I picture in my mind with the way it was described here..

now.. a unithread furled leader.. I wonder if that is that what FgGmakes.. and if she does I wonder if she make them in 12 ' lengths.. lol.. hmmm .. lets see.. a reel with backing connected to a 12 - 14 ' FG furled leader.. with a short tippet tied to a fly.. and then put it in a rod holder on the tube or toon.. and let it blow into the wind.. makes you want to put a cooler of beer on the ride.. put your feet up.. and see what happens.. LOL>..


...."May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it. ~Irish Blessing"
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