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Re: [flygoddess] how to add oars to a float tube?
flygoddess wrote:
That really makes sense. I would be really surprised if no one did cap on this idea.
This would be awesome on the H3!!!!

I have to ask, do you have something to do with this Alan? Seems you had all the great answers to your own question.
Don't get me wrong, I like all the new info you have added here, but you were like two steps ahead of us all the wayWink
it does seem that way, doesn't it... lol...
nah... i have nothing to do with them. in fact, if not for TD who found the link to Zephyrboat website, i wouldn't have been able to find the answers.

oh yah... and lastly, i sure hope i have something to do with it... then i wouldn't have to still be putting on the thinking cap to think which tube to buy... sigh...
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