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Perhaps a Montague
After many comments re; my search for an ID of my boo, this is one of the replies that seems plausible that I received on a Boo Forum:
"The ferrules are standard Montague as well. These appear to be higher grade ferrules than those used on low-end rods, such as the Sunbeam of a later era. These should hold up very well, if you decide to fish with this rod.
Searching through my older Monty advertisements, I found a few 5-piece 9' and 9'6" rods, which they refer to as "Trunk Rods". Some of these sport similar hardware to yours, but all of them had a few more guides. Without a label or signature windings, it is impossible to know for sure whether this rod was a Montague production rod, or one custom/hand made from Montague hardware. Since there were many more Montague production rods made than custom rods, I'd lean towards it being made by Montague.
If I were you, I'd string it up and go fish it. If you add a few guides to it, it will fish even better. It is still your dad's rod, even if you refinish or upgrade it to your liking. If I passed this rod down, I'd hope that it got out fishing, often."

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