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Re: [wagdog] ice fishing etiquette
I did in the past, do currently and will continue to give aid to anybody that comes up to me on the ice and asks advice. I'll show them what I'm using, give them a few of my jigs and tips, especially if they have kids or just simply don't know what they are doing. I don't mind if they ask questions and may even let the kids ride my sled around. That being said.

For those that intervene in my fishing affairs without saying boo, buck or screw you, I found the most effective method of ridding my fishing nirrvana of their pestilence is:

Walk over and say "Hey aren't you guys a little close?" If that gets no response, I walk over to their hole, drop my draws, and send them a big steamer right down the pipe. If that fails I just sic Fackin Dave and the Big Papa on them.

For those that doupt me, watch the "Fishing at Bare Lake" video posted on here several years ago.


There is no cold, only lack of heat.
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