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I caught a yellowtail in Anaheim Bay!
 I was on my tube 2 years ago using live smelt and next thing I know about 20 minutes after High Tide Kabammm! Shocked

My Okuma reel starts clicking away! So I grab it, start reeling and getting towed at the same time! So while I am wrestling with the fish I toss my anchor and keep fighting him. After like 5 minutes I get him up to the side of the tube and I cannot believe what I am seeing. Shocked

So I reach for my net and the yellowtail does a head thrust and sticks the hook right into the side of my tube! Unsure

So now I am sinking and still wrestling this fish! So I am releasing him and I start paddling for shore. I still have my light pole out with a green and white plastic and next thing I know..Kabamm! Shocked

Halibut hits it. So now I am paddling for shore and reeling in this halibut. Just as I get shallow up enough to touch the ground the right side of the tube goes flat.

I stand up in the tube and reel in the halibut. And wouldn't you know it the friggin halibut did the same thing! Hooked the left side of the tube Unsure

So two great fish later and a flat tube all and all still a good day Sly
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