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intermediate sinking line advice

Hello everyone,

I am in need a of a anintermediate sinking line and wanted to know if any of you have a positive experience with sinking line that you would recommend. The stillwater lake I fish is mostly 5ft or less in depth....I really need a slow sinking line....floating line doesn't seem to get same results when stripping in leaches....

I currently own and use sinking lines type II SA and RIO brand III. both work great and are supple to cast and handle, but my presentation must be quicker and I want to be able to have slower action during winter months.

I bought a cortland camo intermediate sinking line a few years back for the slow sinking feature....I really dislike the memory that this line has...even in the summer, I don't really enjoy using this plastic(mono?) line.

If any of you have recommendations please let me know....

I don't mean for this post to be about brand bashing....the above mentioned are my opinions only....

I appreciate any recommendations by personal use. If you have negative experience please post as well...thanks!


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