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Re: [flygoddess] intermediate sinking line advice
Not sure what I got....but sure its probably is not a custom.
the box has both tapers listed on the back...I guess I would have to measure....I assumed it was an outbound short 30ft head instead of the 37.5' head.

perhaps you can tell by these pics....the sink portion is light blue and the floating portion is bright yellow....another thing....the sink tip portion of the fly line is thick....twice as think as the lake hover....

please review pics and see if you can tell what I got????anyways will measure later

image/jpeg DSCN4969.JPG (150 KB)
image/jpeg DSCN4970.JPG (187 KB)
image/jpeg DSCN4971.JPG (187 KB)
image/jpeg DSCN4974.JPG (239 KB)
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