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W/Central WA Uncrowded Camping/Fishing Spot
Try to organize a 1 or 2 night camping trip for a small group of guys sometime May/June.

- Needs to be within 2 hour drive of Seattle
- Needs to have decent camping sites but can be rustic (no water/bathroom/shower facilities okay)
- Needs to have decent river or lake with good shore/dock access (no need for a boat - or cheap boat rentals)
- Prefer uncrowded - not a bunch of RVs and water skiers (we may be able to do weekday nights)
- Okay if lake/river is a short hike
- Prefer locations with less chance of rain (east slope of Olympics, Cascades, or Rainier?)
- We don't fly fish or backpack (although a couple of us have fly rods)

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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