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Re: [Chris_530] Best type of baitcasting reel for my needs?
i was recently in your shoes.. been using spinning reels since i was a kid and recently took an interest in baitcasters.. the first couple hours i had some backlashes, no problem, i just made sure i properly set the spool tension to the weight of the lure and added more braking if i needed it.. putting my thumb on the spool right before it hits the water was second nature to me

after just a couple hours and the only time since then i had a backlash (using these reels for a week now) is when i shanked a cast as i was trying to cast from a position i wasnt familiar with (sort of over and across my body with my off-hand).. and this backlash took me about 15 seconds to fix, was a very minor one, so i cast with confidence now and im not even the slightest bit worried anymore.. and its not like this 20lb monofilament makes it any easier, i should be using 12lb mono or 20-30lb braided

my reel though being a round baitcaster is the size of a low profile, so i can get a feeling of what a low profile and a round would offer.. and in my opinion the round baitcaster would offer more in unnecessary line capacity as im only running on 85 yards of 20lb test and never even got close to losing my line.. and im getting close to 30 inch northern pikes with it..

my impression is that if this reel of mine was any larger, such as a full size C3 or C4 ambassadeur it would feel a lot more top heavy and its only added benefit would be that higher line capacity.. a low profile baitcaster would have the same spool size as what i have now, which would allow me 125 yards of 50lb test braid, 200 yards of 30lb test braid and around 300 if i used 20lb test braid..

so a low profile baitcaster would offer plenty of line, at plenty of strength for anything you could think about fishing, be better balanced, and what i really like about smaller baitcasters besides the balance is just how simple they are to use one handed (as opposed to having to flip the bail or twist the spool before casting a spinning reel

that being said, if you had your crank on your spinning reels on the left side so you can cast and retrieve without switching hands, be sure you get a baitcaster with a left hand retrieve as well.. smaller baitcasters are really light and easy to use single handed for casting, easier to cast once you get the hang of it, and if mine was a left hand retrieve i would simply be completely in love with it.. so im selling mine after a week to order a left hand model online (i might go with the abu orra SX, but im open to $50-$100 suggestions)

as for left hand retrieve its beginning to become quite popular as just about anyone who makes a baitcaster now offers one in a left handed configuration and i predict they may even become more common than right handed so just order online if there are no left handed models locally, which is what i'll do

i hope my recent personal experience in switching from spinning to baitcasters is of any help, and i dont intend on going back to spinning reels again
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