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Re: [TiteLines] East Canyon 1/31
The one I caught was roughly 12" long so I'm pretty certain it was a splake after reading the stocking reports. Ice was thin and broken near the ramp and around the edges near that are but nothing to worry about. The wheeler drive right through it and up on to the thick stuff. There were people out there without machines so getting on to the ice on foot is not a worry at all. 12-14" of ice everywhere we went. A little bit of slush at the end of the day but nothing to fret over. Plenty of thick, safe ice and the fish were HUNGRY! Mini mites tipped with wax and meal worms. I might sink a tip up with a big dead minnow on it out in deeper water trying for a pig next time, I know they're in there I've had a few toads on before. Wish I could find the crappies in there though. If anyone knows how to catch them feel free to send me a PM, I will completely finance a trip for anyone that is willing to help me with finding the crappies in EC and I have a security clearance so I know how to keep secrets!
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