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earth temperature rise by 2050, how...

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earth temperature rise by 2050, how will affect fish??
Doing some research, I'm seeing by 2050 some projections are that the earth temp may rise around 3-5 degrees fahrenheit. Yes that's not exact, no one knows for sure, but it's safe to say the earth temperature will be rising, and noticeable by at least 2050.

I've been considering planning my future retirement home, which I want to be on a lake with great fishing. I was considering cold water fishing, pike, muskie. Minnesota, Michigan, etc.

I've been wondering however how warming might affect fishing climates, and how to prepare for that. Do you think it makes more sense to try and secure an area for myself with fish that can thrive in warmer waters? Will U.S. likely get too warm for pike and muskie? Perhaps Cannada being the only choice for that.

Yes I know I'm talking far out in the future still, but that's when I plan on making my last home move, so it makes sense to at least begin to think about I think.

*btw this isn't political. nothing to do with global warming vs climate change. the Earth is rising in temperature, that isn't disputable. Earth has gone through rises and falls for millions of years, and this is no exception.
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Re: [masteryogurt] earth temperature rise by 2050, how will affect fish?? In reply to
Sadly things are changing so quick it's hard to say what it will be like in that year. I've seen things change in the last 10 years, like lobsters dropping off in CT but increasing in Maine. But they have an increase in warmer water fisheries. But it seems you want to fish pike etc. So northern states along Canada makes sense for you. I moved south for the warmth and have had to adapt to warmer water temps and species and techniques. Just pray we stay healthy enough in our retirement to put the boat in and fish. Good luck in your golden years.

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Re: [masteryogurt] earth temperature rise by 2050, how will affect fish?? In reply to
Guess it's more like temperature zones are shifting a bit and what used to be warm or cold changes to the opposite. And thus you can trace the movement and settle where the pike should be in plenty, think scientist should figure it out soon. Though fish can adapt too and it makes it hard to tell really. They might die out altogether :( I hope the humanity will still be alive and kicking by that time.

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