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Mill Hollow 9 Dec 2017

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Mill Hollow 9 Dec 2017
Drove up SR 35 with clear roads, then the 3 mile drive from the turnoff to the Dam was snowpacked, but groomed. Definitely need 4WD. Arrived at the damn around 7:45 AM, truck said 11 deg. There was about 34 inches of snow on top of the ice, and the ice was about 9 inches thick where we started fishing by the dam. Fished in about 20' of water, most of the bites came 5-10' below the ice. 1" or smaller jigs and ice flies below jigging spoons did good for us tipped with night crawlers. Caught about 22 fish between 4 of us by the time we left at noon. Good mix of Rainbows, Brookies, and Tigers; all between 10-13". When we left there were about 40 people or so on the ice, and not a bad first ice trip for the season! Be safe and have a great ice season everyone!
image/jpeg IMG_3845.JPG (2.28 MB)
image/jpeg IMG_3846.JPG (2.30 MB)
image/jpeg IMG_3851.JPG (2.15 MB)
image/jpeg IMG_3852.JPG (2.03 MB)
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Re: [Cu_Hauler] Mill Hollow 9 Dec 2017 In reply to
I was up there on Saturday too! Our group got up there about 8:30 and left at 4. Between the 4 of us, we caught around 100 fish, caught most of the fish on a gold tungsten teardrop tipped with wax worms.
I drove my truck up and found out when I had my tires rotated, the never changed the center caps out and my hubs were not accessable so I had to drive up there in 2 wheel drive. While I made it, 4 wheel would of made it easier!
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Re: [Notoriousfat] Mill Hollow 9 Dec 2017 In reply to
Sounds like a great day of fishing. Sorry to hear about your truck. Maybe you should have taken a hammer to resolve your truck issue. Wink