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Rockport/Echo Ice

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Rockport/Echo Ice
A little slow on the post, but I went up by Smith Morehouse on Friday to go snow mobiling and thought I would give an ice report. Smith Morehouse is still fishable with plenty of ice and a nice coating of snow. The snow was really mushy so you would have to stay on the road where its packed, but someone could also park at the bottom and walk up. Echo and Rockport were both in about the same condition. The top 1/3 of each were open water and could be fished from shore if you can hand carry your boat/canoe/kayak/float tube down to the water. the middle third was a combination of floating slabs of ice and open water and you could punch a hole in it if you threw a medium sized rock on it. The bottom third had thicker ice, but it was full of cracks and holes and was pulled away from the bank anywhere from a foot or 2 to 15 or 20. Needless to say, ice at either one is done for this year.
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Re: [Wormburner] Rockport/Echo Ice In reply to
By Saturday Echo was wide open water from the willows to the dam.

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