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West Coast Fishing Report- Vancouver...

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West Coast Fishing Report- Vancouver Island: Ucluelet, BC for September 25th, 2018
Our September fishing was better than expected for Chinook, Coho and Halibut. The fall returning Chinook (Kings) were close to the shore and most days saw fast action. We had a few days where it was slow in the morning and then lights out in the afternoons. Thatís fishing. Actually some of the days were just catching. Some days had many double hookups. Chinook fishing close to shore is always a little more interesting. The fish obviously donít want to come right into the boatóbut these fish do everything possible to spit the hook. Therefore hook to catch rate isnít 1-1. But that is what makes it fun. Fishing stayed relatively hot up to the 16th minus about 5 days of stormy/ weather. Then things got nice again but the fishing had slowed down to just a few hook ups per morning by the 18th.

Coho was strong on the Bank as normal. We didnít target them much since we were fishing in close to shore for the Chinook. When we wanted Halibut most trips were fast action but were successful. We got some perfect sized ones around the 40 lb mark. Overall fishing was good and there was a lot of happy faces. This is our last report as we are now closed for the season.

We are booking for next year so check out our fishing packages to get the best dates. They are going quickly. Also check out for things to do in the area. One of the things that make this such a great destination is that there are so many great things to do here!
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Re: [saltwatersalmon] West Coast Fishing Report- Vancouver Island: Ucluelet, BC for September 25th, 2018 In reply to
Great catch!

I read these coastal reports even though I'm in Utah because I've prepared for my first surf fishing vacation by purchasing my equipment and saving up a lot of vacation time.

I'm looking for a surf fishing guide, teacher to coach me to become proficient with distance casting with spinning equipment for surf fishing. I would like to become proficient at both with spinning reels and maybe even become competitive at distance casting. I bought a lot of surf fishing equipment to make it my serious new hobby and preparedness skill. I have never surf fished and I stopped practicing distance casting because I want to start with the best techniques without practicing what would likely become bad habits. I want to do it right and do it well and cast very far. I have a lot of vacation time saved up (4 months available, so we can have as much time as needed to target the fish and for me to learn with great success) and would like to drive to a coast where driving on the beach is permitted. I've got a nice vehicle specifically for this and have sand tires. I'd like a guide who can pick the best place to surf fish at a best time to target some fun large good eating fish at the time of their migration to be in the right place at the right time and develop good surf fishing and distance casting skills. Perhaps it's odd, but I have a preference for fishing with lures of which I have a very large collection. But, I'm also open to what works well at the moment and is expedient for the conditions and variables because I've been learning all styles of fishing and still need to learn what's new to me. I want to get all of these things right to learn the most and develop excellent skills by hiring the best guide to decide which fish to target, the time of year and where to fish and teaching me all of what took decades to learn.

Ronald :)