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Columbia Rainmaker Water Shoes...Best...

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Columbia Rainmaker Water Shoes...Best Ever?
I have tried a ton of different water shoes for my needs of fishing, kayaking, and just general outdoor wear. The problem I have had is that no one shoe has impressed me and each have had there very real flaws. Sandals are cool and dry quick, but did not protect my foot from sharp rocks when wading or kayaking....they also left a funky tan line on my feet from the openings...LOL. I have tried other cheap types of water shoes, and they worked ok, but still they were not the most comfortable, and began falling apart after a few wears. Other shoes have been comfortable, but let rocks and sand into the shoe, which need to be emptied constantly. Overall like I said, I have been through alot of I gave these Columbia Drainmakers a try, and they have been everything the other shoes have not been IMO. I know alot of other anglers out there have the same issues with water shoes as I have in the past, so I just wanted to share.
In no way am I sponsored or paid to review these shoes, heck I paid full price in the spring, and now they are discounted for the end of the year....I did get another pair though at the discounted price. Overall I have just been extremely pleased with these shoes.
Anyone else here wear them, or have another highly recommended show they wear on or in the water?
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