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Shore Casting A Fat Bonefish & RARE...

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Shore Casting A Fat Bonefish & RARE Golden Trevally!
All Day & Night For 3 Strikes & Nothing To Show:(

This cold & wet December weather has seen a decline in nearshore species. Also with the heavy rains the fresh water intrusion has also lowered the water temperature along with the shorter days. I've been asking around & even the stores have less fresh fish. Getting harder to find some near shore action.

I spent 2 days & 1 night trying to make this. It was my pleasure to meet Nick Kalen & his friends at 5am?! I was almost out of water, food & bait. I had to change action cameras as i only use roughly 10% of my video segments. I have to bring so much gear that i'm forced to use a utility wagon. But at the end of the day when i put everything together, i smile and realize it's all worth it.

I was there helping out these guys but they had it under control. I'm very happy for Nick. He was a great angler & a nice guy. This video i'm dedicating to Nick. I hope when you look back at this that you realize you have my respect. The Bonefish "O'io" was a fattie! And the Golden Trevally "Pa'oPa'o" is indeed a delicious treasure! I hope your wife will enjoy the meal you caught for her.