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It's Here! Okuma's Blue Azores For...

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It's Here! Okuma's Blue Azores For 2019!
Japanese Blue Azores Modified For American Anglers!

Okuma brought back the overseas edition of the Asian Azores Spinning Reel known as the Blue Azores. Not only does the Blue Azores match Okuma's new HCS "Hawaiian Custom Series" Rod releases but they have changed the sizing of these powerful spinners.

Okuma Old Size Okuma New Size Gear Ratio Max Drag Rating
40 4000 5.8:1 28lbs
55 6000 5.8:1 29lbs
65 8000 5.4:1 44lbs
80 14000 5.4:1 44lbs

Model Gear Ratio Bearings Weight Line Ret Max Drag Mono Cap
Z-4K 5.8:1 6HPB + 1RB 12oz 35.8in 28lbs 300yd/8lb
BLUE 250yd/10lb

Z-40S 5.8:1 6HPB + 1RB 12oz 34.8in 28lbs 270yd/8lb
Original 190yd/10lb

Z-6000 5.8:1 6HPB + 1RB 18.5oz 41.2in 29lbs 310yd/12lb
H-Blue 215yd/16lb

Z-55S 5.8:1 6HPB + 1RB 18.6oz 39in 29lb 380yd/10lb
Original 340yd/12lb

The new 8000 & 14000 sizes will be released soon.


Modified Blue Azores For The American Market Will Have-
1) New Enlarged Gearing-
Thicker aluminum gears & teeth creates more torquing power.

2) Fully Machined Cut 2-Tone Anodized Drag Knob-
American & Japanese spool top drag knobs will differ.

3) DFD=Dual Force Drag System-
Equal numbers of carbon drag washers on top & bottom of spool
applies even pressure for a smooth powerful max drag pressure.

4) No Body Flexing With Die Cast Aluminum-
Thick aluminum handle and body won't flex under load.

5) Bearings Are Rubber Sealed & Packed With Grease.

6) Knurled Spool Design For Braid-
No tape is needed for spool line slippage.

7) MSRP Only $129.99-144.99 For All 4 Blue Azores Sizes.