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Piscifun Line Spooler Honest Review...

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Piscifun Line Spooler Honest Review and Opinion
So being a lucky husband and angler, my wife is always getting me cool little fishing gadgets for Christmas and my birthday....ect. Well for Christmas she got me this line spooler from Piscifun. I honestly had some doubts and never would have bought it myself...since IMO the name was one of those knock off types ...again my opinion. Well since it is that time of year for me to breakdown and clean then respool all my reels I opened it up and gave it a try. I was fairly impressed with it, especially how ridgid it was and how the rotor spins with the reel while spooling spinning reels. The "reel" will be how my spinning reels perform now as far as line twist and wind knots...that is the big test IMO on if this product is worth it.

Has anyone hear ever used one of these? Whats your opinions on these or others out there on the market?
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