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I'm new

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I'm new
Greetings, I am new to fishing, like very new, and I need some help to start out. I got a fishing pole from a neighbor brand new because he didn't want it and I always wanted to learn more about this hobby. I just got the pole and the brand is ugly stick.

It says this on the pole, which I think tells me what kind of rod it is:

6'6" medium heavy 10-20 pound lb. line 1/4 - 3/4 oz. lure

Can this pole go into saltwater and catch saltwater fish?

I also need to know how to buy the right stuff and what should I buy to start out.

Like hooks, fishing line, reels, etc.

I really REALLY want to know how to tie knots and how I can put on the weight, hook, and bobber on the fishing line. I am really confused about that.

I don't really have anyone here to teach me and I would really appreciate the help. I cant wait to start fishing!

Thank you and God Bless :)
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Re: [DLedoux] I'm new In reply to
Welcome to the site, I really don't have the experience in that type of fishing to answer your question but I can say that the pole you are talking about would work for what you are talking about doing. You can look on line for info in tying knots and go to your local bait and tackle shops to learn what tackle to use. Hope that helps.

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