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Captain Vic Tison's Fishing Report,...

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Captain Vic Tison's Fishing Report, Jax., Fl.
Hello again Anglers,
I bet you thought I got lost? No, with this beautiful weather we're having I've been on the water almost every day. It's been gorgeous out there! So many different things have been happening that I'm always wanting to be in several different places at the same time and tide.
Nice sized whiting are biting pretty good at the Mayport Jetties now and if you're in the right place you can catch black drum from 3 to 15 pounds, sheepshead, bluefish and spanish mackerel in the same spot while catching one of the cleanest saltwater fish you can eat, whiting! They aren't big fish by most people's standards, about 1 to 2 pounds each but it's hard to beat their clean meat for frying up a great meal. Spanish mackerel are all around the rocks now. You can either cast to them when you see the birds diving, cast to them over the end of the rocks, cast down parallel with the rocks and let it go down deep or troll with planners and just about any shiny lure. Have a good strong leader though so those sharp teeth won't cut you off. Bluefish everywhere out there but only about half are legal still. Sheepshead are fired up again when the wind allows you to be able to fish close to the rocks. Some legal sea bass around here and there along the rocks also. Giant drum are here but please don't target those monsters. They don't survive a tough battle as much as redfish do. They will be our stocking fish for years to come. Oversized redfish are biting there also.
Redfish are waking in the shallows now when the wind lets you spot them. Some of schools of reds have been numbering anywhere from 2 to up to 30. We did run across a massive school of about 60 to 75 a couple of weeks ago and my two customers were able to boat 41 of them in the same spot in 3 hours but that is almost unheard of this time of the year. Just wait until the water is warmer though! Small bluefish are just about everywhere there is a drop off or deeper area in the creeks. Speckled trout are eating again and regular catches of 8 to 17 are happening now. Jacks around 1 pound are showing up in the creeks again now. We've caught our first ones last Saturday. More and more flounder are being caught with the warmer water temperature also. We even caught a spanish mackerel last Friday in Simpson's Creek!
Whiting, yellowmouth trout, bluefish, black drum, sheepshead, redfish, jacks and speckled trout are biting all around areas of the rivers. For sheepshead, try any rocky shore lines, bridge and dock pilings with barnacles and oysters on them and even some structure out in the rivers. Speckled trout, rocky shore lines in the early mornings, grass lines at edges or float live shrimp or mud minnows into deep drop offs or around bridge and dock pilings. Whiting and yellowmouth trout, dead shrimp on the bottom. Black drum and redfish, dead shrimp on the edges of deep drop offs or around structure on the bottom. Bluefish, any and all methods above will net you bluefish.
Whiting, bluefish, some spanish and some pompano have been showing up with the best biting coming from whiting and blues. Nice sized whiting have been biting real good on sand fleas and dead shrimp. Bluefish are biting anything that moves in the water. Spanish have been caught on shrimp and lures. Pompano on sand fleas and dead shrimp. The pompano and some permit should bite better and better as the water temp continues to rise although the further south you fish for them the more you'll catch. Like around St. Augustine, there are better catches reported down there even though it's only an hour drive south from here.
Sea Dancer Charters reports that the Red Snapper are still going nuts. "We had 3 straight days of Charters and each day they limited out on them. 14 of them on Friday, 12 Saturday, and 14 Sunday. The Charter Saturday threw back 25 legal sized Snapper due to already having there limit. There are a few grouper laying around also. If you sit around a ledge for a few minutes they will show up. If anyone can get to the Elton grounds to fish there is about everything in the world biting. Red Snapper, Vermilion snapper, Grouper, Kingfish(ALOT), and a few wahoo. The best bet for Wahoo still is the ledge."
That's it for now. I hope receiving this report helps you to catch more fish and enjoy "our sport" even more.
Have consideration for your fellow anglers/boaters. Slow down in the creeks while passing someone fishing and don't anchor up on top of someone just because you see him catch a fish. There is ALOT of water out there.
Remember..... if you see a piece of trash on the beach while surf fishing or floating by while driving your boat, PLEASE pick it up and take it with you back to a trash can at the boat ramp. We all CAN make a difference. Every little bit helps. If you make it your policy every time you go out, YOU'LL KNOW you're making a difference.
If you ever have any questions that I may can help you with, don't hesitate to write.
As always I'm,,,,, pulling drags,
Captain Vic Tison
P.O. Box 122
Jacksonville, Fl. 32219-0122
(904) 765-4936
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