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Why was my post deleted?

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Why was my post deleted?
Why were my post/posts deleted?

Though there may be a few reasons the most obvious being profanity, vulgarity, and or spamming. I wanted to clarify one in particular as I just deleted one such post. This is posts that aren't really spamming but are advertising another similar site.

Generally posts that contain web addresses that others will find useful do not get deleted. Some keys to ensuring yours won't are:
*Don't make it totally obvious you are trying to promote your site without paying for advertising.
* Do include informative information that will be useful to other members.
* Don't even bother posting another sites web address if you are not a registered user of this board, I will delete any post like this I see that is posted by a guest (someone without a registered username)
* Don't repeatedly post the same message over extended periods of time
* Do try to add to the quality of this forum (take a moment and answer a fellow anglers questions, leave a fish report, etc...) besides just posting your advertisement
*Blatant advertising is allowed for registered users at the advertisers boards, so if you want to offer members a discount, special, or announce a product, etc.. do it there please.

Lastly, Don't bother saying how BigFishTackle.Com censors posts after yours is deleted if you weren't following theses guidelines.

Repeated violations of these guidlines will result in your I.P. address being banned from this forum.


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Mike H
BFT Staff
(This post was edited by theangler on Sep 29, 2002, 1:48 PM)