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coloring plastics

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coloring plastics
Would it be possable to color a jig and have the results turn out favorabily? Like turning a white jig black, or would that affect the softness of the plastic?

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Re: [fish4fish] coloring plastics In reply to
Coolfish4fish, I don't know if it's possible to make a black plastic white, but vise versa is probably true. I just got started dyeing plastics, and so far it has gone pretty well. I have followed the tutelidge of Sensai TubeDude on this subject. So far I've just taken a big package of the "salt and pepper" or "clear sparkle," (or whatever you want to call the color) 4" curl tail grubs and have dyed them with the Lake Hawk dyes (do a google search on them and you can fiend their website) and they are turning out pretty cool so far!

Here's a little write up that TubeDude did on it a while back (it's on the float tubing board under "Best of the Best"):;#165396

Hope that helps you out a bit. I'm sure if you send a pm to him he'd help you out even more. Good luck.

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Re: [fish4fish] coloring plastics In reply to
Ive had some success using sharpee permanent markers. I use them more for accents than for total coloring.
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Re: [fish4fish] coloring plastics In reply to
Good ole TubeDude would be the right person to ask. He does alot of his own jigs and lures.

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Re: [fish4fish] coloring plastics In reply to
CoolCustom coloring plastics is easy and it can help you get color combinations you can't buy anywhere. Often, you can make stuff that the fish respond to, simply because they haven't seen it before. But, don't get carried away and color up a bunch of good plastics. When you dye them, the colors sometimes run after awhile, especially when you do two tone jobs.

There are two ways to color plastics. One is to use a dye, like the one below:

This stuff penetrates and colors the plastic all the way through. You can color light colored plastics darker, but you can't color dark colors light. And, if you are using a color dye, the end result will often be different than the color of the dye. For example, if you try to color a chartreuse plastic jig purple, the end result will be anywhere from red to burgundy. Some of those colors are good.

I like to start with white, glow, clear sparkle or smoke sparkle and then dye them to get the combos I want. They are neutral enough to come out fairly close to the color of the dye.

The other way to change the color on plastic is to use a "worm paint".

As the label implies, this stuff goes on the top of the plastic and does not dye it. It is good for adding spots, dots, stripes, eyes, etc.

As has also been mentioned, you can use a good permenant marker pen to do the same thing. I use red, blue, black and purple to create contrasting stripes, dots and accents.

By the way, you can get either the plastic dye or paint at Barlows.

I am attaching some pics of my setup and the results.

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