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Gramps and is fishing advice

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Gramps and is fishing advice
When I think of fishing I immediately think of my dear grandfather, or as I liked to call him "DA".
He loved to go fishing and took great pride in looking after his small boat.

I guess even today fishing isn't really encouraged as a female sport, but my grandfather believed that fishing soothed the soul and was a healing remedy to all. The relaxation of fishing couldn't be compared to anything else and was something that everyone should participate in at least one a year. I guess fishing to my gramps was like golf to others.

Every Sunday my mother and father would take me to visit Gramps in Redcliffe, a small community town just outside of Brisbane. If the weather was right, then the fish would be waiting and off we would go on another fishing adventure.

We used to sit in the boat for hours and Gramps would teach me all the important rules of the game and how to catch the perfect fish. With our lines in one hand and some of Grandma's yummy homemade snacks in the other, we were so happy.

To tell you the truth we didn't really catch much, but little did I know then, that it wasn't the fish that mattered but the memories that were being created.

As Gramps got older our fishing adventures stopped and we started another tradition. Sunday chats became high on the priority list and we could sit and talk for hours and hours. Instead of fishing advice, I heard stories of love, career and memories of his time in the war.....

I can't pick an exact fav fishing spot, but when I see the shinning blue waters of the ocean and watch other boats sail past, I remember my childhood and the precious gift of a grandfather and his love.

Gramps died 5 years ago but his memory will always live on. In the small boat sailing on the Redcliffe peninsular the memories of a little blonde girl and her grandfather will always be bright.

To this day I still have my grandfathers'fishing hat and someday when I have children I hope to once again put the hat to good use and teach them everything I know about this fascinating sport.
Thanks Gramps!

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