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Rockport 1-14-08

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Rockport 1-14-08
I went to Rockport yesterday. I should have listened to the other reports.
I was hoping with the change in weather the fishing would change.
I went out from the boat ramp and started fishing in 40 feet of water. I was getting hit pretty steady, I just couldn't hook one.
I moved back in to about 30 feet of water and I was still getting some small bumps. Finally at 10:00 am I hooked one small Perch. It had one of the meal worms that it had stolen earlier from my jig. That was the only one I caught.
I moved deeper and shallower with the same result, no fish.
I talked with a number of people near the boat ramp and none of them had a fish.
I stopped at the dam on the way out and talked with three guys down there. None had any perch but did have three trout between them.
I was the first one on the lake before the sun came up and left just after 1:00 pm. The temp was -3 on the way in and warmed up to 10 degrees while on the lake. When the sun finally came out, it wasn't too bad out there.
I think I will try somewhere else next time.
The highlight of the day was sitting at the dam and glassing the hills there and I counted 74 elk. Only two had horns that I could see.