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I don't now if anyone likes the Utes around here, but last night in the Allstate Sugar Bowl the Utes BEAT a 12-1 Alabama team who spent more time ranked number one then any other team. What an awesome end to an awesome season!!! Whooped on the TIDE. Defense (especially the D line and Stevenson Sylvester) played incredible. And Brian Johnson is my favorite college player of all time.

Awesome year UTES!!!!!!!!

This will go a long ways in possibly making the Mountain West a "BCS' school when the evaluation is up in four years.

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Re: [Everet14] UTES In reply to
Congrats. As hard as that is for me to say.Cool

The Utes did do awesome this year but that won't stop me from telling my favorite Ute joke.

What is the difference between a University of Utah Ute and a carp?

Answer: One is a bottom dwelling scum sucker and the other is a fish. Sly

There is always next year for the cougars. Live it up while the living is good.

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Re: [windriver] UTES In reply to
Somebody has to represent the conferenceWink

I don't know if there will ever be another year like this by any non BCS school. Such a sweet year for the utes. GO UTES! And to be the only undefeated team? Sweet.

The best part is, they get almost their entire defense back next year.

Here is my favorite BY-who joke.Laugh
image/jpeg utsh.jpg (25.1 KB)