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Ranking with google

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Ranking with google
I have found this site by searching for the keywords fishing forums and your site came up #1. I have been working on SEO and would love some tips from you.

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Re: [tommymartin] Ranking with google In reply to
Thanks for the comment. You are right that you've found one of the most popular fishing sites on the net. This board gets its high search rankings because hundreds or thousands of members generously share fishing reports, tips, etc. with each other, and there is always something new. There has also been lots of SEO work done, I'm sure, but to know what they did you'd have to speak with the engineers and designers. Try sending a PM to theangler for starters.

Also, a friendly reminder that users are not allowed to post links until they have made 15 posts, thanks. I have edited them out of your post for you.

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Re: [tommymartin] Ranking with google In reply to
Google cares about relevancy.

If people are talking about your site or your products then you are going to get highly ranked.

Contribute valuable information to the conversation and people will share your information or product.

Mike S.

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Re: [StayPutFishing] Ranking with google In reply to
Google just switched it algorithms around so they are more content based. Which should help sites like this rank higher. Smaller sites with less text will probably have a harder time. Try and make your text unique. - why not wear the fish you catch.

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